[updates] Back to Massachusetts for new info.

Raymond Brown rays-place at snet.net
Thu Apr 17 13:06:01 MDT 2008

After adding things for states to the westat me web site I am back to adding things for Massachusetts.

I started adding the Massachusetts Historical Collections by John Warner Barber to my web site. These are short histories that were first published in 1848.

So far I have all of Hampshire County (except Prescott) and about half of Franklin County online. Many of these are small and mention only a few people and others are bigger. The ones for Franklin County seem to have more info than the ones for Hampshire County.

Remember when reading them that they were publisdshed in 1848 and they did not spell everything the same as now. When you see the abbreviation Con. for Connecticut that is the way it is in the book, not my typo.

All the histories that I have online for Massachusetts may be found with this link:


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