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Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Fri Sep 14 23:42:03 MDT 2007

The following files have been added to my web site for Essex, Herkimer 
and Genesee Counties in New York.

Essex County
I added a history for the town of Crown Point. This is a rather large 
history that I had to put on two pages.

Herkimer County
I added a history of the town of Newport, this is much like the other 
histories that I have online for Herkimer County.

Genesee County.
I have again added many more Biographies of people from Genesee County. 
(75 added) Below is a list of the names added and the town that each was in:

Albee, Elias O. - Le Roy
Anderson, James A. Rev. - Le Roy
Annin, James - Le Roy
Bacon, D. R. - Le Roy
Ball, Frank W. - Le Roy
Bannister, Fordyce - Le Roy
Bannister, Luther - Le Roy
Baxter, Alexander - Le Roy
Bishop, William Le Roy - Le Roy
Bissell, Frank J. - Le Roy
Bissell, Levi - Le Roy
Bowden, Samuel Rev - Le Roy
Bowen, Chauncy E. - Le Roy
Brown, W. S. - Le Roy
Campbell, Archibald D. - Le Roy
Canton, Charles L. - Le Roy
Carnes, Thomas - Alexander
Carr, Eli - Pavilion
Carter, Brazilla - Darien
Carter, Orange - Darien
Chaddock, George W. - Le Roy
Chaddock, Thomas - Alexander
Champion, John N. - Le Roy
Chapin, Albert F - Darien
Chapin, Horace H - Darien
Chapman, Willard M. - Le Roy
Chilson, Abel - Pavilion
Chilson, Henry N - Pavilion
Christman, Addison - Pavilion
Clark, Alexander - Le Roy
Cleveland, J Fred, Dr - Le Roy
Cobb, A K - Pavilion
Colby Family - Darien
Collins, James A. - Le Roy
Comstock, Samuel - Le Roy
Comstock, Samuel F. - Le Roy
Conlin, Matthew - Le Roy
Cook, George W - Pavilion
Cook, Homer - Pavilion
Crocker, J. Lyman - Pavilion
Crofoot, Joel - Pavilion
Crossman, Peter - Pavilion
Curtis, David E. - Le Roy
Curtis, John C - Alexander
Cushing, Pierre Rev. - Le Roy
Davis, Ira C. - Le Roy
Day, James - Alexander
Decker, Morris C. - Le Roy
Dibble, C. N. - Le Roy
Dickenson, Moses - Alexander
Dix, Samuel L. - Le Roy
Dixon, Charles - Bethany
Doty, John - Pavilion
Douglass, Alexander A. - Le Roy
Dow, Robert R - Pavilion
Duguid, Jason - Pavilion
Durkee, Jonathan - Darien
Dutton, Calvin - Pavilion
Edson, Charles E - Le Roy
Edson, Galen K Dr - Le Roy
Edwards, Daniel - Bethany
Elliott Family - Bethany
Ellis, John J - Darien
Ellison, Caleb - Bethany
Elmore, William - Le Roy
Eyres, John - Le Roy
Falkner, Felix - Le Roy
Farrar, Alonzo H. - Batavia
Farrar, Elbert Olaf - Batavia
Filkins, David - Bethany
Folk, John - Bethany
Fonda, J. B. - Batavia
French Family - Bethany
Fuller, Benjamin A. MD - Le Roy
Gerrett, Thomas - Alexander

As always all the New York files that I have online may be reached from 
this link:

Ray Brown

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