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I have started adding the biographies of people from Batavia, NY to the 
Gemesee County Biographies. These are from the Gazetteer and 
Biographical Record Of Genesee County, New York, 1890.

A few of these were already online from Our Conty Aan it's people a 
descriptive and biographical record of Genesee County, New York but each 
gives a little differant information.

The new ones being added are generally much longer than the old ones.

The nemes that have been put online already are:
Adams, Miles B.
Ager, Henry
Allen, Libbeus
Andrews, Andrew J.
Armstrong, Calvin
Atwater, Edward W.
Atwater, Lucius Rev
Badgerow, Martinas S.
Baker, John F & C. C. Dr's
Baldwin, Rice
Barnes, Joseph C.
Bater, Peter
Benedict, Elmina H. Dr.
Benjamin, H. H.
Bigelow, Egbert A.
Bigelow, Elisha
Bloomfield, Albert E.
Bolton, William T.
Booth, Herbert B.
Bosworth, Charles M.
Bowen, George P.
Briggs, William
Brinckerhoff, Garry
Broadbrooks, Peter
Brown, Albert E.
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, Martin
Burns, William H.
Burr, Asa
Campbell, Joseph
Chaddock, Hiram
Chapin, J. M.
Clark, N. G., Dr
Clark, O. R.
Clark, Robert
Comiskey, Francis B.
Cooley O.
Cooper, Samuel
Cornwell, Chauncey
Coupland, Abram
Crary, William
Crosby, Lawrence L.
Dailey, Michael
Dean, Lemuel
Dellinger, John
Dewey, James H.
Dibble, Isaac V.
Didget, William
Dorf, Ferdinand
Drake, William
Dunham, Fred H.
Dustin, Stephen A.
Dyer, Edna V.
Edgerton, Richard
Eggleston, John A.
Ensign Henry J.

Please note that some of these names are for an early member of the 
family and the file contains much information on some one from a later 

These like all the ones for Genesee County may be found at:


Ray Brown

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