[updates] Even more biographies for Genesee County, New York

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Fri Sep 7 13:25:59 MDT 2007

In the last 3 days I added the following biographes for Genesee County 
to my web site. Each has the town the person was in after the name.

Allen, Milton - Byron
Andrews, Robert - Bergan
Armbrewster, Martin - Bethany
Arnold, Aaron - Bergan
Arnold, Ebenezer (Dea.) - Bergan
Atwater, Eli - Elba
Bagot, Elizabeth Mrs. - Stafford
Bailey, Saxton - Darien
Baird, Jacob - Bergan
Baker, James - Bethany
Barr, Phineas - Elba
Barrows, Calvin - Bethany
Bartels, Henry J - Oakfield
Bassert, Mark - Bethany
Bassett, Philo P. - Bergan
Bauer, Francis J. - Darien
Bauer, Louis - Stafford
Bean, John - Byron
Benington, Robert - Bethany
Bergin, John - Bergan
Berk, Carl & Fred - Elba
Bickle, James R - Oakfield
Bissell, Aaron M - Bergan
Blood, Amos - Bethany
Bobsen, Christopher - Oakfield
Bond, Don C. - Pavilion
Booth, Ambrose - Bethany
Booth, Daniel - Elba
Bordwell, Dexter - Darien
Bowen Family - Darien
Bower, Benjamin - Bergan
Bower, Jacob - Bergan
Bower, James M - Byron
Bower, William A - Bergan
Boyd, James A. - Pavilion
Boyle, John - Bethany
Bradley Family - Pavilian
Bradway, Thomas - Elba
Britton, Edward - Oakfield
Brown, Cyrus - Darien
Brown, Heman Sr - Bethany
Brown, Luther - Stafford
Brown, Melville B C - Byron
Brown, Nathaniel Rev - Bethany
Brown, Richard G - Byron
Brown, William F - Byron
Brulett, Isaac - Oakfield
Buckingham, William - Pavilion
Bull, Pierpont E - Byron
Burkel, John - Bethany
Burns, Michael - Bethany
Bushman, Jacob - Byron
Butcher, William - Elba
Cacner, Adam - Bethany
Cannon, Patrick H - Bathany
Caple, Robert - Elba
Carpenter, Wheaton - Byron
Ceder, Henry - Alabama
Chadwick, Elisha - Bethany
Chamberlin, Amos - Oakfield
Chapell, Elias M - Elba
Chase, Abner - Byron
Chick, Charles F. - Darien
Clark, Aaron 1 - Alabama
Clark, Aaron 2 - Alabama
Clark, Rodman - Alabama
Clawson, Fred J - Alabama
Cook, Asahel - Byron
Copeland, Stewart - Bethany
Covey, John - Bethany
Crawford, Joseph - Bethany
Crawford, William J - Elba
Crocker, Stephen - Stafford
Croff, Orlando R - Bethany
Curtis, Calvin - Bethany
Curtis, Owen - Darien
Daniels, Clark - Stafford
De Wolf, John - Stafford
Dies, Peter - Elba
Dodge, Benjamin - Oakfield
Doerwig, Henry - Oakfield
Dorman, Amasa E - Elba
Douglas, Carrie Miss. - Stafford
Drake, John - Elba
Drake, William - Oakfield
Duel, George W - Alabama
Duel, Isaac P - Alabama
Dunham, Gideon - Oakfield
Dye, Samuel - Bethany
Farley, Byron - Stafford
Fishell, Henry - Oakfield
Fiske, Henry A. - Stafford
Fuller, Nathaniel - Oakfield
Hosselkus, Daniel - Oakfield
Linsler, Michael - Stafford
Raymond Family - Elba
Reynolds, Elisha - Elba
Sanders, John HON - Stafford
Sweetland, Harvey Major - Stafford
Wakley, John - Stafford
Waldron, Thomas - Stafford
Waterman, Anthony - Stafford

Sorry but I don't have a list like that of the ones that were on the 
last anouncement.

Most of these (but not all) are quite a bit longer than the 500+ that I 
put online last year. They are also for the earlier settlers this time 
whare the ones last year were mostely for the people still living in the 

Also don't forget the 500+ history files that I have online for New York 
state. All the files that I have for New York may be found with this link.


And all the Genealogy pages that I have online (thousands) may be found 

Ray Brown

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