[updates] Biographies for Genesee County, NY

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Mon May 1 13:37:49 MDT 2006

I just added 100 Biographies of people from Genesee County, NY to my web 
site. These are mostely small but do contain a lot of information for 
Genealogy, such as whare the person was born, spouce name, parents of 
person and spouce, Ect.  Some are longer and have some interesting 
stories along with them.

The book I am using has about another 400 that will be added over time. 
They are not in order by name or location so I can't look  up who will 
be added later.

These may be found at:

Or by following links from my main index or the history index. There are 
also over 400 history files for New York in the New York local history 
section of the web site at:

I think you will fand something of interest when you visit. If on these 
biographies you fand one to be of interest and you are on the surname 
list for it please feel free to let that list know whare to find them.

Ray Brown

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