[updates] More History files for New York

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Tue Mar 21 14:11:13 MST 2006

Chautaugua County
Histories for the towns of Ellery, Sheriden and Stockton were added. 
These contain much informatin on the early settlers of the towns.

Jefferson County
It has been a while but I am beck to Jefferson County, histories for the 
towns of Rutland & Wilna were just added. These are very much like the 
other towns that I have online for Jefferson County, Rather long and 
nameing almost everyone in some way.

Livingston County
Histories for the towns of Ossin and West Sparta were just added. Both 
towns contain rather long tables listing all men from the area who were 
in the war of the Rebellion (Cicil War), as well as of all the 
Supervisors and Town Clerks. The rest of the towns histories for 
Livingston County are rather long and will take a while to get ready.

If you have not visited my web site in a while I have recientely added 
more histories for Cayuga and Onondaga Counties.

Wow, this makes 391 histories for New York that I have online. The only 
state with more it Maine, but they are mostely much smaller.

These may all be found at the New York local history section of my 
website at:

And of course you are invited to visit the rest of my website at:

Ray Brown

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