[updates] Township histories, NY & PA

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Wed May 25 11:59:35 MDT 2005

More local histories have been added to my web site as follows:

ALLEGANY County, New York
Alfred, Angelica and Cuba. These ware transcribed by Diana Gates 
Reinhart , who did a great job at making them available for your use.

NIAGARA County, New York
Lewiston, Lockport, Royalton and Wilson. These like the ones for 
Allegany County list almost all the early settlers and a lot of later 
settlers in some way. The history of Lockport is in three parts, the 2nd 
part is on the Church history and list many people from Locport as well 
as other towns around Lockport.

The Townships of Edgemont, Marple, Middletown, Newton, Upper and Lower 
Chichester and the Borough of Marcus Hook were added.  Like the other 
Townships and Boroughs that I have online for Delaware County these are 
smaller then the other PA and NY histories, but do contain a lot of good 

OTHER Recient additions to my web site:
The 1790 Census for Strafford & Rockingham Counties, NH has been 
completed, about ½ of the 1790 census for Grafton County, NH added and 
more added to the 1790 Census for Cumberland County, Maine.


Ray Brown

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