[updates] West Cemetery, Bristol, CT finished online

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Fri May 20 10:12:49 MDT 2005

The West Cemetery in Bristol, CT is now completed and online from the 
Hale Collection of cemetery inscriptions. This cemetey includes 4,141 
inscriptins, includeing 1,851 that were just added.

Much appreciation has to go to Alden O'Brien and Betty Alexander for 
there help in putting this large project online for you to use.

Besides tha dates of death there is a lot more informatin that can be 
obtained in these files, many of the wives also have there maden names 
listed, and some include the names of there parents. Also there are many 
that tell what unit someone served in during various wars.

This reading of the West Cemetery was done in1934, and there are some 
stones for people who were still living, most of these are there as 
there spouce and/or children are buried there. These were left in to 
give you some additional information. When time permits I will be 
getting more inscriptions from the 1930's to 1950's from this cemetery 
for the internet. But please don't ask me to find a certain grave for 
you as it is a very large cemetery.

These pages may be found in the cemetery section of my web site at:

and at the Bristol, CT GenWeb at:

Ray Brown

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