[updates] 1790 Census files update (New Hampshire USA)

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Wed May 18 17:28:37 MDT 2005

The 1790 census for Strafford County, NH is now complete at my web site. 
Tom Dunn did a lot of typing of the names for this, which was really 

The 1790 census for Grafton County, NH is just started. So far the towns 
of Alexandria, Bartlett, Bath, Bridgewater and Burton are online.

1)Both of these Counties contain towns that are in other counties now, 
that is why you may see a town in Coos County listed in Grafton, Ect.
2) All names are spelled as in the origional census, so check all 
veriations of the family name.
3) I did not look up who took these census's, but se far it looks like 
who ever did Grafton County was better at spelling than the ones who did 
Strafford County.
4) Cheshire and Rockingham Counties were completed earlier and are 
online at my web site.

To find all the census records online at my web site just click on the 
Census listings link.


Ray Brown

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