[updates] Presidential Bios

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Mon May 2 17:58:51 MDT 2005

I have been kind of quiet on the list for a while, had some personal 
things to take care of and will be here less for a while.

But I did add bios for the first 11 U.S. Presidents to the web site 
yesterday, amoung these you will find John Adams and John Quincy Adams 
of MA.
These are short ones, and have more about the family histories than 
most, so they are a good addition to a genealofy web site.


I have recieved more MA vital records that others have typed for the web 
site, hope to have them online by the end of the week for you to use. 
This includel the complitation of the Milford vital records to 1850 
typed by Jerry Lovejoy. Now that I said that I will have to work on 
putting them online this week.
Ray Brown

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