[updates] Rutland County Vermont 1790 Census going online

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sun Mar 20 20:48:00 MST 2005

I am in the process of adding the 1790 census for Rutland County to my 
web site. Today I added the following towns:
Brenson, Brandon, Castleton, Chittenden, Clarendon, Danby, Fair Haven, 
Harwich, Hubbardton, Ira, Killington, Middletown, Midway, Philadelphia, 
Pittsfield and Pittsford.
These are in addition to Wells which was already on the web site.

These additional towns are set up a little differant than the others 
that I have online, all are sorted together, with the town at the end of 
each line. This will keep all people from one family together even when 
in differant towns.

1) For the 1790 Census the Marshalls were apointed to take the census 
usually for doing good things, like good service in the Rev. War, or a 
Judge, Ect. This did not mean that they could spell so check all posable 
spellings of the family name.

2) There were no census forms, each marshall was told what to collect. 
Each had to supply there own paper, Ect. Some were turned in on many 
small pieces of scrap paper found, up to using old wallpaper. This was 
taken from the printed 1790 census that the Gov't printed in 1912. Like 
the forms that you find on some Microfilm the source is a generation 
away from the original so there is a chance of some info not being correct.

The town of Wells is on a seperate page, and will be sorted in with 
these new ones whan I have the towns not done completed. I have some 
partial pages, so I have to re copy them when I can.

These may be found by going to my web site and Clicking on the Census 
link, than the Rurland County Link.


Ray Brown

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