[updates] New Files for MA and NY

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Tue Mar 15 16:20:11 MST 2005

For MA
More marrage records have been added to the Haverhill, MA vital records 
to 1850, all marriages for names starting with A to O are online along 
with the all the births. These were typed up be Coralynn Brown

For NY
Frankline County:
Town histories for the towns of Constable, Dickinson and Fort Covington 
have been added. Fort Covington is in two sections, the first is general 
history, the 2nd tells of some of the former residents and Church history.

Niagara County
Town histories for the towns of Cambria, Porter and Somerset were added. 
Like other towns these has a lot of history, including some on the early 
settlers, and listings of the town officials to 1897 when it was written.

The counties of Franklin and Niagara are nearing cmpletion from what I 
have to add, when they are finsihed I probably will start on Wayne and 
Clinton Counties. Will have to see what looks best to do.


Ray Brown

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