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Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Thu Jan 13 20:13:33 MST 2005

I have added the following to the Maine Town & County History section of 
my web site.

Androscoggin County 4 towns.

Aroostook County 10 towns.

Cumberland County 8 towns.

Knox County 3 towns.

Oxford County history.

Piscataquis County 9 towns plus County history.

Sagadahoc County 2 towns plus County history.

Waldo County 10 towns.

Plus Historical Sketches of Mount Katabdin and the Penobscot River and Bay.

Some are small, but others like the City of Portland are quite large, 
each offers something differant. I like this discription of the church 
in New Gloucester (Cumberland County).

It had a square tower on the southwest end, and a porch on the other. 
Twenty-six windows in two rows let in the light through their 8 by 10 
panes. Galleries on three sides rose to the height of the preacher’s 
eyes, as he stood in the lofty pulpit under the threatening 
sounding-board. Wardens with long staffs watched for sleepers, and 
sometimes the reminder of the knobbed end was far from gentle. Holes in 
the floor served for spittoons, and gave ample ventilation. Seats turned 
upon their hinges during prayer to afford space for the wide skirts of 
the ladies, and dropped down with a rattling chorus and many a bang at 
the welcome “Amen.” The town’s stock of powder was kept in small closets 
within the sacred desk, ready to be served out to the members of the 
congregation on Sundays and at their homes on secular days, in case of 
an Indian attack. If the pulpit was not the driest place in town, it was 
in some danger of becoming the hottest.


Ray Brown

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