[updates] New Files online for MA, ME and NH

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sun Jan 2 17:02:56 MST 2005

The Following have been added to my web site:

In the vital records by Town Section:
Marriages for Colrain, Ma to 1850 have been added to the births online. 
These were transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger for your use.

In the Marrage Section of the web site:
Andover, NH Marriages to 1905. These came from the History of Andover 
that was published in 1910. By the large number of records for a samll 
town and that some of these came from Ministers records there is a 
chance that some are from other towns. There is a small write up about 
that on each page.

In the Cemetery Section:
Nine Cemeteries in Andover, New Hampshire have been added. Eight of 
these are small ones and are on one page. The Old Cemetery in the Center 
is larger and on a page by it's self. More Cemeteries from Andover will 
be added over the next couple of weeks.

Maine town histories
Histories were added for the towns of Carthage, Chesterville, Eustis, 
Farmington (2nd history) and Freeman. Also a County History was added 
for Franklin County

Histories were added for the towns of Brookline, Brooksville, Bucksport, 
Castine, Deer Isle and Eastbrook.

Histories were added for the towns of Canden, Friendship and Hope

Histories were added for the towns of Dover, Elliotsville, Foxcroft, 
Garland, Greenville and Guilford.


Ray Brown


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