[updates] New Hampshire Town Histories

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Mon Feb 28 23:54:51 MST 2005

The first 2 New Hampshire town histories at my web site just went 
online. These are for the towns of Sharon and Windsor in Hillsborough 
County. They were both typed up for the web by Doreen Crocker.

I know that this is small compaired to about 250 that I have online for 
New York and about 350 for Maine, but have to start with just a couple 
like in the other states.  I have histories for Bedford, Bennington, 
Brookline and Weare if someone is interested in typing one of them up. 
Hillsborough is the only County in New Hampshire that I have town 
histories for at this time, but I will be looking for others.


I should be back to adding more of the Andover, NH Cemeteries in a short 

Other new files
Hardwick, MA vita; records to 1850. Typed by Dave Swerdfeger
Haverhill, MA vita; records to 1850 almost half finished. typed by 
Coralynn Brown
Danvers, MA Births (names Abbot to Bush) typed by Mary Anne Silva

Ray Brown

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