[updates] Yankee Roots Page Updated

Steve Donahue elfstone at erols.com
Sun Feb 27 10:22:39 MST 2005

I have updated my "Yankee Roots" web page with the families A through B 
from Mitchell's "History of Bridgewater"


Some of these families tie in with earlier entries from Barry's "History 
of Hanover" and Chamberlain's "History of Weymouth."

Among the larger families entered are: Alden, Alger, Allen, Ames, and Brett.

Many of the entries provide just a year for birth, marriage or death, so 
should be cross-referenced through the Vital Records on Ray Brown's or 
Jane Devlin's web site for more specific dates and verification.    In 
addition, I have been able to cross-reference some of the contradictions 
posted in the various local histories and hopefully have provided the 
correct linkages (usually one was right and one wrong and other sources 
[noted in the database] were used to try to figure out the right 

As always, corrections with sources, or even verification of dates, 
places of birth, etc., with sources are welcome.

And as with Ray and Jane's data, I have very little connection with the 
bulk of the families entered.  This database is being provided to 
provide leads to folks with New England connections.


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