[updates] 15 More Maine town histories online

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Wed Feb 2 22:43:16 MST 2005

15 more Maine town histories were added to my web site tonight.

In Kennebec County Manchester, Monmouth, Pittston, Readfield, Rome, 
Sudney, Vassalboro, Vienna, Waterville, Wayne, West Waterport, Windsor, 
Winslow, Winthrop were added. These complete Kennebac County. Some of 
these towns already had histories from another book online, but from 
another book will give a little diferant information.

And in Waldo County the town of Winterport was added to complete Waldo 

All of these were typed by Betsey Webber, so you won't find my usuall 
typing errors in them.

The only Maine counties not complete at this time are Lincoln, Penobscot 
and Somerset Counties. At the start getting this far almost seemed like 
a dream.


Ray Brown

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