[updates] West Cemetery, Bristol, CT on the web

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sat Apr 23 13:41:28 MDT 2005

This week I copied pages 241 to 324 of the West Cemetery, Bristol, CT 
from the Hale Collection at the CT State Library in Hartford.
Pages 241 to 260 I have typed in a text file that is online, the rest I 
have in 7 small PDF files online.  When these are all typed I will merge 
them in with the large files that I have online already.
If you are interested in typing up one of the pdf files like the tesx 
file that I have online I would appreciate it, just let me know offline 


If you have not visited the Cemetery section of my web site I have a 
over 150 of them for CT, NH and NY online. Many more will be added when 
I can afford to copy more in Hartford, so please stop back often for 

Ray Brown

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