[updates] PA Locan Histories

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Tue Apr 19 17:53:07 MDT 2005

I just added the first of the PA local histories to the town history 
section of my web site. It will ba a long time, if ever that I have 
hundreds of them like for NY and Maine but this is a good start.

Today I added the following histories
Crawford County - The Townships of Athens, Beaver and Union.

Erie County - All townships and Boroughs as well as the City of Corry. 
Thise are smaller than the others but do have some good informatin about 
the early settlers.

Delaware County - The Townships of Aston, Bethel, Birmingham, Chester, 
Concord, Darby, Haverford and Tinicum and the Boroughs of Darby and 
Media. These are smaller than the ones for Crawford County, but hold a 
lot of good information.

Things that you may find in these files:
Nathan Sedgwick opened the first tavern in Athens.
Isaac a Cummings first settler in Athens.
The first saw mill in Beaver was built by William Olymate.
W. H. L. Smith was the first mayor of Corry (others listed).
Albion was first settled by Thomas Alexander.
The first male child born in Conneaut was Henry Wood.
William Brinton was the first settler of Birmingham.
And much more about all the areas that were added.


Ray Brown

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