[updates] Strafford County, NH 1790 Census half online

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sat Apr 9 17:05:25 MDT 2005

In the census section of my web site I just added the 1790 census for 
the following towns in Strafford County, NH.
Barnstead, Barrington, Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Sandborntown, Sandwich, 
Somersworth, Stark's Locatin, Sterling's Location, Tamworth, 
Tuftonborough, Wakefield and Wolfborough.

This is a little over 1,600 records or close to half of the County. I 
also have a table that list to population on each town in the County.


Also at:
I have the 1790 census for Dover, Dunham, Gilmantown and Rochester in 
PDF files. If you would be willing to help by typing up the list of 
names for one town please contact me off of the list. What I would like 
is seperate list for each column on  page, such as 4 list for Dover, for 
page 88 88B and 88C and for page 89 89A and 89B, whare the letter after 
the page is the column that the list is for. When I get back to working 
on the census next week I can put the list of names into my Access 
database and add the numbers. Of course your name will be listed as 
helping to put this valuable census online. If you wish to help in this 
please do not sort the names, I need them in the order in the book for 
finishing up the work.

Ray Brown

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