[updates] 3 more Putnam County Cemeteries online

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sun Oct 24 23:35:47 MDT 2004

3 more cemeteries in Putnam County, NY have been added to my web site, 
they are:

Privare yard at Farmers Mills
New Grounds at Farmers Mills
Burial Plot Fredericksburg

There may be only 3 additional ones, but 2 are bigger than the ones I 
had before so there are a lot of people listed in them.

In all the cemetery files that I have for Putnam county almost all the 
listings include the age of the person at death or the date of birth as 
well as the date of death. Most of the women are listed under there 
husbands and say who there husband was and a lot have there maden name 
listed. Most of the ones that died as children also have there parents 
listed, so you may find that as ancester had some children that you did 
not know about.

These additional pices of informatin can come in handy if your ancestors 
were from Putnam counry.


Ray Brown


Ray Brown

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