[updates] More Westchester County, NY cemeteries online

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sat Nov 6 13:50:29 MST 2004

I have added more cemeteries in Westchester County, NY to my web site. I 
forgot which I let the list know of before, so a list of them all is below.

About these cemeteries: These all came from a typed listing of 
inscriptiona typed by William P. Horton of Peekskill, NY in 1928, marked 
at Vol 1.  I do not know who many Vol's. there are and do not have the 
others. All the ones in Vol. 1 appear to be in the Northern part of the 
County. If anyone has access to any more and can get some free photo 
copying or scanning of them I would be willing to type them up for the web.

I still have several small cemeteries to type up, that probably will all 
go on one web page, than there is the Hillside Cemetery in Peekskill, 
NY. The Hillside Cemetery is about 300 typed pages long, and sorted by 
Surname, so if someone is interested in a certain surname from Peekskill 
I will put the pages for that name into a pdf file for you if you want 
to type that name up, I could use a little help in this. And even samll 
parts like that would be a great help to users of the Web site.

Westchester County Cemeteries online now:
* Quaker Ground Amwalk Sorted by name
* Quaker Ground Amwalk as read in Cemetery
* Buriel Ground of the Hope Meth. Church
* Tompkins Plot, Now the Miller Farm
* Williams Plot On the Old State Raod
* Burial Grounds at the old Greenbourgh Presb. Church, Elmsford
* Methodist Ground Groveville, Near Croton Dam
* Friends Burying Ground at North Castle
* Tompkins Farm Plot 3 miles East of Ossining
* Tompkins Farm Plot 1 mile East of Ossining

These can all be found in the cemetery listing of my web site at:


Near the bottom of my Cemetery page you will also find links to projects 
that list cemeteries on the web. The 3rd one of them Linkpendium list 
all history and Genealoge sites, listed by state and county. They only 
have ones that were submitted to them, and a form that you can use to 
submit more listing that you have found, or your own web site. A great 
resource along with search engions.

Ray Brown

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