[updates] More Marriges in Boston, MA online

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sun May 2 12:52:52 MDT 2004

I have completed the Boston, MA Marriages to 1751 at my web site. All 
the pages that I had that covered 2 or 3 years have all been merged 
together into one master file includeing the 1741 to 1751 marriages that 
were just completed.  This file had to be broken into 24 web pages due 
to the large size of it.

All names are as in the City records for Boston, so some surnames have 
several spellings in this file. One example would be Babage, Babage and 
Babbidge.  Some names used one spelling for a while than another later 
such as Browne in the 1600's, tha Brown in the 1700's.

Changes in spelling seamed to occure at certain times so I believe this 
is from the City Clerks having diferant ways of spelling. Which minister 
ot J.P. performed the marriage seams to have no effect on the spelling. 
Please remember that this was in the 1600's and 1700's when most people 
did not read or write, and some of us still can't spell. With diferant 
spellings don't blame your ancestors, it was in the recording of the 

There are App. 8,400 marriages listed in this file, each listed 2 times 
under the mans name and again under the womans name for over 16 thousand 
lines, which is why there are so many pages.


or go to my main page at:
and click on the link for records by town.

If anyone has access to a copy of the book of marriages in Boston, MA 
for 1752 to 1815 and would like to photo copy the forst 10 years to send 
me I will be happy to add them to the database and update these pages to 
include a longer time span. If I can get a copy of that whole book I 
will probably make pages covering 2 to 5 years then make one big master 
file when completed.

Ray Brown

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