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Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Mon Mar 1 00:15:02 MST 2004

I have just added the Biographical Sketches of Orleans, MA to the Bio's 
section of my web site. This includes several small ones and a few 
larger ones that have a lot of history of the area with them.  The 
people listed are:

Avery, James H.
Cole, Josiah L.
Crosby, Winthrop M.
Cummings, Joseph H.
Doane, Beriah
Doane, John (Hon.)
Doane, Oliver
Doane, Lewis
Dodge, Gilbert A.
Freeman, Richard S.
Harding, Nehemaih S.
Higgins, Benjamin
Higgins, Eli S.
Higgins, Freeman 2d.
Higgins, Joseph L.
Higgins, Lot
Higgins, Thomas W.
Hopkins, Francis
Hopkins, Warren H.
Hurd, Davis
Hurd, Edward S.
Kenrick, Alfred
Kenrick, John
Kingman, Capt. Seth
Kingman, Matthew
Knowles, Ezra
Knowles, Theodore L.
Linnell, Dean S.
Linnell, Edmund
Linnell, Isaiah
Mayo, Benjamin
Mayo, Freeman
Mayo, Joseph K.
Mayo, Samuel
Newcomb, Alexander T.
Nickerson, Asa S.
Percival, James W.
Pierce, Marcus M.
Rogers, Eleazer
Rogers, Joseph W.
Shattuck, Carmi H.
Small, Eldridge F.
Smith, John M.
Smith, Joshua H.
Smith, Thomas
Snow, Aron
Snow, Calvin
Snow, Charles H.
Snow, Elkamab L.
Snow, Freeman
Snow, Freeman H.
Snow, Mark C.
Snow, Willis
Sparrow, Dean
Taylor, Captain Joseph
Young, Jonathan

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