[updates] Marriages in Boston to 1809

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Thu Jun 3 10:44:35 MDT 2004

I just completed adding the marriages recorded in the Boston City 
records to 1809 to my web site.  The book for the years 1752 to 1761 was 
missing for a long time before these were published by the records 
commisioners so they are not included. The Int's for those years is 
being typed up to go on another web site, but will be available to you 
when ready. The list of Int's for those years is big as they published 
all Int's rather than just the ones with no marrage recorded in Boston 
like other years.

These may be found at:

These were all listed as they are recorded in the Boston City Records. 
Several of the City Clerks were not that good at spelling like me, so 
there are several veristions of the spelling of many names (both first 
and surnames). You will also notice diferant spillings of other town 
names at doferant times through these pages. Be sure to check all 
posabilities of names for people that you are looking for.

There are about 70 pages of marrages to 1809 listed by Church (only 
marriages that were not recorded in the City Records by the City Clerks) 
that I will be working on shortley to have it all completed.

Does anyone on this email list know if the Records Commisiones published 
another book of Marriages starting with 1810?  If they did I will try 
and find a copy later to add to this listing.

I also have about a hundred pages of people from Boston that were 
married in otherr towns to type and add to this section of the web site. 
Maby some day I will have it finished<?>

Before going any further I will be setting up a 
Boston-Charlestown-Dorchester Gen Web site for all these records. I 
included Charlestown and Dorchester as they were both anned into the 
City of Boston in the 1800's and there records are keep in Boston.

Dave Swerdfeger has been typing up the Dorchester Vital Records to 1850 
that will also be part of this site. The Births are now online at:

The marrriages and deaths will be added soon.

I also have a 1850 City Directory for Charlestown that will be added. If 
anyone hear would like to type that up for the GenWeb just let me know. 
That will be easy compaired to the vital records that we have been 
adding to this.

If anyone has anything that they would like to have added to the GenWeb 
site when built such as histories of any of the 3 cities they would be 
appreciated by all the users of it.

Ray Brown


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