[updates] New Files for Dorchester & Roxbury, MA

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sun Jul 25 22:13:06 MDT 2004

The following files have been added to the Boston, Charlestown, 
Dorchester and Roxbury, MA GenWeb web site at:

Dorchester Births to 1710
Dorchester Marriages to 1725
This file contains a lot of people from other towns as well as 
Dorchester. These 2 files will be brought up to 1825 as time permites.

These join the complete Dorchester vital records for 1826 to 1850 that 
were typed by Dave Swerdfeger before.

Dorchester Epitaphs from the first Burying Place in Dorchester, typed by 
Coralynn Brown

Roxbury Births for surnames starting with M and R
Raxbury Deaths for surnames starting with M
These pages were typed by Stefanie Penna

More of the Roxbury vital records will be added as they are typed.

As always you are encouraged to visit my web site for a lot more files at:

Ray Brown

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