[updates] Brewster Bio's

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sun Feb 22 15:51:36 MST 2004

In the History section of my web site I just added Boi's for the 
following people from Brewster, MA.

Atwood, Freeman
Bangs, Elisha
Bradley, Rev. Cyrus A.
Brier, Anthony F.
Chapman, Reuben & Joseph
Clark, Jahn H.
Cobb, Elijah
Cobb, Walter Freeman
Crocker, Elisha
The Crosby Family
Doane, William P.
Dugan, Emanuel
Fessenden, Benjamin F.
Foster, Josiah
Foster, Nathan
Freeman, William
Hall, Edward Frank
Hall, Samuel S.
Hopkins, Godfrey
Hopkins, Richard F.
Knowles, Henry
Knowles, William W.
Lincoln, Edgar
Mayo, Joseph
Nickerson, Capt. Frederick
Paine, Eben W. Jr.
Rowe, Hiram D.
Sears, J. Henry
Sears, Thomas D.
Snow, Zoeth
Winslow, Bartlett B.

Ray Brown



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