[updates] Genesee County, NY town histories

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Tue Dec 7 16:59:25 MST 2004

I just added the town histories for the towns of Alexander, Bergen, 
Bethany and Byron, NY to the New York town history section of my web 
site. This makes a total of 84 New York town histories at the web site.  
These histories for Genesee County have are smaller than most of the 
other counties that I am outting online, but they do list all of the 
town officals (Supervisiors, Clerks and J.P.'s) up to when they were 
written in 1899, which could give you a little more info on some ancestors.
More from Genesee County will be added as well as finsihing up the 
Counties that are only part finished.


Ray Brown

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