[updates] Recreation of Web Page

Steve Donahue elfstone at erols.com
Wed Aug 25 12:18:51 MDT 2004

After a couple of false starts (and the loss of two web pages), I have 
decided to move my New England roots page to Rootsweb (and WorldConnect 
in particular).

The page has been created and is now accessible at the following URL:


At present, the database contains the genealogies from Chamberlain's 
"History of Weymouth", McKeen's :History of Bradford, VT", a few 
published genealogies (Edsons, etc.) and a number of early New England 
related genealogies form the Midwest Genealogical Register.  Also, 
partially finished (through the "r's") are the family genealogies from 
Barry's "History of Hanover, MA"

As of the latest update, there are just slighthly over 29,000 
individuals in the database.

Steve Donahue

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