[updates] Middlesex Co., CT, Deeds - Killingworth & Saybrook, 1700s - 1800s

Jane Devlin janedevlin at ameritech.net
Wed Apr 21 07:37:55 MDT 2004

I have just finished coding an additional 63 deeds from Killingworth & 
Saybrook that Janece Streig has transcribed.  These are available at 

Still to come - early Saybrook records from Books 1 & 2 of the town 
records.  In that these contain a variety of records ranging from 
marriages & births through deeds & property inventories and even ear 
marks, I'm going to code them as they appear in the books rather than 
separate them out by type of record.  Look for them on the site in the 
next day or two.

Jane Devlin
Lake Orion, MI
over 1500 data files from CT, MA, RI, NJ, NY & MI

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