[updates] Cumberland County, NJ History file

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Tue Apr 13 23:30:53 MDT 2004

I just added some pages of history for Cumberland County, NJ and the 
following towns in Cunberland County:

Deerfield, Downe, Fairfield, Greenwich, Hopewell, Maurice River, 
Millville, Stow Creek

These may be found at:

along with histories of Atlantic, Bergen, Cape May and Passiac Counties 
in New Jersey.

The main page for my web site is at:

Please do not ask me questions about your family in NJ as I have never 
done any research there and can not answere them. But if you enter your 
family name into my search engion it will let you know on what pages 
(over 1,600 pages) of the web site your family name may be found.

Ray Brown

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