[updates] Marriages, Boston, MA online (to 1751)

ray.brown at earthling.net ray.brown at earthling.net
Sun Sep 28 23:17:57 MDT 2003

The marriages in Boston, MA are going online at my web site.
The first section, Marriages performed at the Kings Chappel that were 
not recorded in the Boston, City records is online at my web site.
If interested just go to:


Click on the Marriage records link, than the Boston - Kings Chappel link 
or to go directly to that page use:


When this is expanded to include more records the name of the Church 
will be after the date on each line if not in the city records like 
these. The ones that are in the city records will have the Ministers 
name after the date. It will be broken into several smaller files rather 
than one large one like this. This will be a big project so please be 

Ray Brown

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