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Karima karima at insightbb.com
Thu Sep 11 20:38:23 MDT 2003

Good Evening,

Another new entry has been submitted to the "In Search Of . . . " section of
the Vermont-L Web Site.

"Fred Rockwell JONES was born 23 December 1864. His two brothers, Alverton
and Clayton JONES gave him some money to Vamoose and he was never heard from
again.  We would love information on this elusive ancestor."   Submitted by
Barbara J. Combs.

As you will recall, the "In Search Of . . . " section is devoted to those of
you who have photographs of illusive ancestors and would like to post a
query, along with the photograph, on the web site.  If you are interested in
submitting a query, please contact me off list at
Vermont-admin at rootsweb.com.

"In Search Of . . . " is accessible from the main gateway page, by clicking
on the "Latest Additions" button (located in the middle of the page):


Best wishes and good luck with your search,

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