[updates] Salem, Taunton and Chilmark, MA and New Loondon, CT Vital Records

ray.brown at earthling.net ray.brown at earthling.net
Mon Sep 8 00:45:23 MDT 2003

More files have been added to the vital records to the vital records for 
Salem, Taunton and Chilmark.

The lates files added (or completed) for Salem include the following.
Marriages, surnames Starting with T, U and V finished.
Deaths Surnames Starting with C through G and R and S are online. A lot 
of volinteers have made this posable. Don't forget that the births have 
been online for a while thinks to Coralynn Brown and Maty Ann Silva.

The Births for Surnames starting with A, B, C, E and F are online, 
thanks to the hard work on Dave Swerdfeger. Dave and his wife have said 
that they could use some help with typing up the Marriages and/or Death 
records. If you would like to help in part of these just let me know and 
I will get you the files.

I have been typing up the Chlmark records, and have the births up to the 
surname Pool online.  The Surname Mayhew is by for the largest name in 
Chilmark so I have the births, marriage and death records in a pdf file 
at the Chilmark site for you to use until they are all typed up.

These and other MA and CT towns can be found at:

The newest CT town to be added is New London, New London County that was 
typed up by Coralynn Brown.

Don't forget to visit other sections of the web site, there are large 
sections for Cemeteries, Marriage records (for towns where the vital 
records be town are not online), History and Census records (mostely 
1790) for parts of MA, CT, VT, NH, ME and NY.

The main entry point is at:

Ray Brown

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