[updates] BOSTON Vital Records

ray.brown at earthling.net ray.brown at earthling.net
Mon Oct 13 18:50:16 MDT 2003

I just added more records for Boston to my web site.

The marriages for 1700 to 1710 (11 years) were just added. The pages say 
to 1751, but the rest of the years are waiting to be typed.

Births for the years 1630 to 1642 were also added with the great typing 
of Coralynn Brown. She is typing up more, to later replace these, the 
next are in Aplha order and will take a long time.

Some of the marage records may look like some comments are in the wrong 
place, that will be corrected when more are ready to go online. They are 
in a database to make files like I have for some of the Churches in Boston.


Don't forget to see other things that I have online for MA at:

Ray Brown

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