[updates] New Files online

Ray rays-place at rays-place.com
Fri Nov 21 18:55:45 MST 2003

The following have just been added to my web site at:

Coventry, CT
The Winchester Cemetery in Coventry has been added, supplied by Frank 
Grimes. Frank has typed up more cemeteries in Coventry and they will be 
added after my vacaton.
File Location:

Boston, MA
The Marriages for 1716 to 1719 have been added to the Marriages. These 
will be merged into the big file that now covers 1680 to 1715 when I 
have a couple more years typed up to add.

Andover, MA
Vital Records to 1850 typed by Frances LaMarco
All Births and Marriages to surnames starting with the letter J are 
online at:

Cambridge, MA
Vital Records to 1850 typed by Coralynn Brown
The births for Surnames through the letter G are online at:

I will be away from Sunday to the 1st week in Dec. so please leave any 
questions about these ultil after that time.

Ray Brown

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