[updates] Boston Marrage Int's online

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sun Nov 2 15:16:37 MST 2003

The first of the Boston Int's. that have no marrage recorded in Boston 
(about 1,100 recorde) are online. A large part of these probably 
resulted in other towns, but not indicated hear. Saveral of these 
records indicate that one of the two was from another town. There are 
several misspelled names and places as these are spelled the same as in 
the Boston City reports. The ones online cover the years 1707 to 1730, 
more will be added to these later. The Boston records probable will be 
in typing for at least another year to finish them. You can find these 
as well as other Boston records at:

Be sure to visit my main page for records out side of Boston at:

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site, please feel free to use that to anounce updates to your web site.

Ray Brown

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