[updates] New files - MA: Beverly & Bridgewater; CT: Middletown

Jane Devlin janedevlin@ameritech.net
Sat, 24 May 2003 18:29:24 -0400

A total of five new files:

Coralynn Brown has just transcribed "Bridgewater In The Rebellion" by Arthur 
HOOPER, 1880, which provides a list of the Bridgewater men who served in 
Civil War regiments.  Because of the length of the book, the file has been 
divided into two parts.  

Janece Streig has just completed transcribing part 5 of History of Middletown 
which concerns the Benevolent Societies that existed in the town in 1885.  
It's now available on the site [URL below].  Look in the What's New section 
or under Town Histories.  

Many thanks to both Coralynn & Janece for their hard work!

In addition, I've transcribed and uploaded three files containing early vital 
records from the town of Beverly, Essex Co., MA.  These include Births 1650 
to 1700, Marriage Intentions & Marriages 1695 to 1722, & Deaths 1672 to 

You'll find all of these at 

Look under What's New or in the section for the state & county.  

Jane Devlin
Lake Orion, MI
Records from CT, MA, & MI + family lines: