[updates] Web Update (New Hampshire men in the Civil War)

Ray Brown ray.brown@earthling.net
Wed, 07 May 2003 00:58:26 -0400

I started adding the
Revised Register Of The Soldiers Aand Sailors Of NEW HAMPSHIRE
In The War Of The  Rebellion (Civil War)
1861 - 1866

To the History section of my web site. So far only the Strafford Guards 
and Medal of Honor sections are finished.
The Strafford Guards is like other units to follow, for each person it 
gives there place of Birth, Residence, age at emlistmant, date of enl., 
date of discharge, and if known when, where and age at death.  A lot of 
information for each.

A lot of the places mentioned are in Maine, VT and MA as well as NH. I 
hope that it is not to long before I have more of this book online for 
you to use.
A direct link to this is at:

Or you can follow the History link from my home page at:

Ray Brown