[updates] Bridgewater MA Marriages Finished

Ray Brown ray.brown@earthling.net
Mon, 05 May 2003 19:14:11 -0400

All the Marriages to 1850 for Bridgewater, MA to 1850 are online, along 
with the Births to 1850. Bridgewater is a large town, so these records 
take up 54 pages at my web site.
I have to thank Coralynn Brown for all her hard work in typing these 
records up.
The Death records for Bridgewater should be started later this week.


Just click on the link for records by town, than Bridgewater.

There are several other sections of the web site, such as census 
records, cemetery records, early marriages, Ect. So good luck at finding 
what you need and have fun exploring the web site.

Ray Brown