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Ray Brown Web-updates@rays-place.com
Fri, 20 Jun 2003 13:07:04 -0400


Due to spam getting through to this list lately I have changes the 
permissions to post messages. All valid messages will go to the list, 
but need Adm. approval first. There are really only 3 people using this 
list, and all three will have access to release the messages so there 
should be little if any delay in the postings.


Due to very few postings to updates to New England Web Sites, except by 
3 of us I am opening it to update anouncements to all sites as ling as 
they are for History and/or Genealogy. I think that this will only add 
one or two postings a week as most people only post to the county list 
that there new pages are for. If just a few of these go hear also thay 
could help some of the readers to this list when they do not recieve the 
county list that the poster used.


In the future you will see a few more links to comercial sites selling 
things. This is to help cover the cost of running the web site on space 
that I lease rather than free web space that has pop up adds and/or 
banner adds of the owner of the space.
These will not go onto the data pages, they will stay free of adds as 
before for better viewing.
Over the last 3 years I have spent several hundred dollars on copying 
information for the web site, any thing earned from these adds will 
cover copying more things as well as the server. If you see any thing 
that you want please use my links, but at the same time do not buy any 
thing that you do not need or want. I do not want to earn anything from 
poeple byeing things not needed. That is a waist of your money.

Some people have asked what they can do for me fro supplying all the 
data that is online. If you are one of those and have records not on the 
web and want to type them up that would be a great way. That would cost 
you nothing, and make more things available to others.

Besides my web site Jane Devlin could use things that you have for her 
web site also. Jane and I work together a lot of the time on things 
going online, and we both give each other things that we think would go 
better at the other site. One thing that we both could use are short 
articals from old magazines. I have some from the early editions of 
Commecticut Quarterly, later Connecticut magaazine. These are mostely at 
other web sites but will be combined into my history section. If anyone 
has a copy of the Connecticut Historical Clooection by Barbour (think 
published in 1845) that has town histories for most CT towns that would 
go good at the web site. Of course ones from other places would be just 
as much appreciated.

These are the two largest non comercial web sites for New England, with 
both having some files from other places. With a little help they will 
become the best in the world.

The address for Janes web site is:

My web site is at:

Ray Brown