[updates] Town of Montpelier, Part 2, Gazetteer of Washington Co., Vt. 1783-1899," added to Gateway to Vermont web site.

Karima Karima@springnet1.com
Mon, 16 Jun 2003 18:33:25 -0500


I have uploaded to the "Gateway to Vermont" web site, Part Two of the
section containing the history of the Town of Montpelier [Pages 345- 348],
transcribed from "The Gazetteer and Business Directory of Washington County,
Vt. 1783-1899," Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child, Edited By William
Adams. The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders. Syracuse, N.Y.;
April, 1889.

The section concerning Montpelier is quite lengthy and will be uploaded in

Part Two can be accessed from the main gateway page, by clicking on the
"Latest Additions" button (located in the middle of the page).


Best wishes and good luck with your search,


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