[updates] New Hampshire in the war of the Rebellion

Ray Brown ray.brown@earthling.net
Thu, 05 Jun 2003 10:11:06 -0400

Two additional units from New Hampshire have been added to my web site, 
the 2nd Brigade Band, thent Army Corps and United States Marine Corps 
members from New Hampshire.

The United States Marine Corps listing has men from all over the North 
East who considered New Hampshire their home.

Like the other units online most of these give the place of birth, 
residence, date enlisted, ranks, date of discharge (data of death if 
known) age at enlistmant, Ect. There is a lot of information on each 
person. If an ancestor served in the Civil War from New Hampshire this 
is a section of my web site to check out.

A lot more units will be added over time, only have a little more than 
1,000 additonal pages to add. Hope that the 10 units finished will be of 
help to some of you.

If you would like to type a unit to add to ths just let me know.

Ray Brown