[updates] 6 Additional Cemeteries in New Haven County online

Ray Brown ray.brown@earthling.net
Wed, 04 Jun 2003 00:55:04 -0400

  I have just added six Cemeteries from New Haven County to my web site. 
Someof these have been typed up for a while, sorry about the delay in 
putting them online.

Cemetery Names and Towns

Center Church Crypt Cemetery - New Haven
Tabor-Swedish Branford
Albert Goldsmith - Branford
Trinity Church - Branford
Stony Creek Cemetery - Branford
Mill Plain Cemetery - Branford

The Center Church Crypt Cemetery in New Haven is one of the samller ones 
in New Haven, but one of the oldest with several dates in the 1600's. 
 Looking more at a historical standpoint I liked this one entry that is 
listed below:

Arnold, Margaret, wife of Benedict, died Jan. 19, 1775, age 31

Looks like Benedict Arnold did have a life before the Rev. War.


Ray Brown