[updates] Barnstable & Plymouth County Town Histories

ray.brown at earthling.net ray.brown at earthling.net
Sat Jul 26 08:50:19 MDT 2003

I have town histories for some towns in Barnstable and Plymouth 
Counties, that I would like to have typed up. The ones from Barnstable 
Countey someone may be able to get to go through an OCR and profread. 
These are all in PDF files, and contain the title page of the book they 
are from, the title page does not need typing.

I am putting all the PDF files online for all to read while hopefuly 
being typed up at:


Plymouth County
Duxbury      10 Pages
Halifax       4 Pages
Marion        8 Pages
Mattapoisett  2 Pages
Pembroke     14 Pages
Plympton     29 Pages
Rochester    12 Pages
Rockland     22 Pages

Barnstable County
Brewster    35 Pages
Eastham     29 Pages (I have Bio Sketches)
Truro         30 Pages (I have Bio Sketches)

I should be getting more from these 2 counties if there is another town 
that you are interested in.

If you would like to type one of these please let me know off the list 
so that 2 people don't do the same one. You may donate a copy of 
anything that you type to the GenWeb page for that town, and/or another 
web site,  if you want as well as my web site, you will be doing the 
work so your choice. Having them in 2 locations will make it easier for 
people to find them.

Some of the Plymouth County towns have a section of 2 Col. list of 
names, please put these in to one column list for the web.

I will really appreciate any help in these, and you will be listed as 
the person who did the typing.

If you want to see how these will look I have a page for CT town 
Histories at:


And these will look a lot like them but bigger. As always if you can't 
do any typing please feel free to read the PDF files for any town that 
you are interested in while they are online, and enjoy them.

These are being uploaded as I write this, so if you are online now you 
may have to wait a while for all to be uploaded.

Ray Brown

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