[updates] New files for Middlesex & LItchfield counties in Connecticut

janedevlin@ameritech.net janedevlin@ameritech.net
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 18:34:04 -0500

I just uploaded Janece Streig's latest transcription - part 1 of the History of 
Middletown from the 1884 History of Middlesex Co.  Lots of familiar names in 
this one.  There will be two more sections to keep the file size somewhat 

For those researching in Litchfield Co., I've transcribed and uploaded a 1744 
list of the Hartford residents who were proprietors of the town of Winchester.  
There's also an explanation of how the township was divided into lots.

Jane Devlin
Lake Orion, MI
Records from CT, MA, & MI + family lines: