[updates] 1790 Census update

Ray Brown ray.brown@earthling.net
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 23:34:27 -0500

The 1790 Census for Bennington County, VT is finished and online. This
joins Addison County VT and several Counties in MA and CT as well as
Ulster County, NY at my web site.

The First 3 towns for Cheshire County, New Hampshire were just put
online tonight. The Cheshire County page list all towns that were in
Cheshire County in 1790. If the town name is not a link to the towns
census it will be after that town is typed.

The 3 towns currently online are Acworth, Alstead and Charlestown.

If you have ancestors from New England please visit my web site and see
all the files that have been added in the past year. A lot of marriage
records, cemetery inscriptins, census records, ship passinger list, Ect.


If you go to the old location at rootsweb it will send you to my new

Jane Devlin has just started putting the Glastonbury, CT Barbour
Collection of Vital Records online at her web site. She has over 450
pages of records from New England and MI at her web site. There is a
link to it on the main page of my web site.

Ray Brown

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