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Ray rays-place at rays-place.com
Mon Dec 15 21:01:11 MST 2003

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I just added the early marriages for Wolfsborough, New Hampshire to the 
marriage section of my web site.
These records cover from 1789 to July 1854 and come from the history of 
Wolfeborough that was published in 1901.
The book listed the town that each person was from, so to keep the pages 
smaller for easier loading I left Wofleborough off, but did indiace 
where each person was from if another place. There ware a lot of people 
from MA, ME and VT included in this listing.
These pages include 821 marriages for a total of 1642 names, with 399 
unique surnames.

Just go to the Marriage section of the web site and then New Hampshire 
and you will find links to the pages. There are 2 or more spellings of 
some surnames so have scanes of the origional book in a PDF file for you 
to download and find it if you think I typed a name wrong.

Locaton of web site:

New Hampshire list:
Sorry about this, I know that I am not sllowed to tell you of updates to 
my web site which is why you have not heard from me lately or hade many 
new pages for New Hampshire added to the web site. That is the 
listowners law.

Ray Brown

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