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The following excerpt is from the "History of My Generation in Cabot,
Vermont, 1874-1951", by Fred Blaney Blodgett, January 16, 1951, which I have
just uploaded, to the Gateway to Vermont Web Site

"When I was a small boy in Cabot and the time approached for the celebration
of the one hundredth anniversary of the town.  I recall that there was a
move underway for having someone compile a history of the town.  The record
shows that at the annual March meeting in 1881 a sum of money was voted for
this purpose and John M. Fisher was engaged to carry out the project.  About
this time, it would appear that other towns in the county, having been
settled about the same time, were making a move in the same direction.
These were gathered together and published in a large volume known as
Hemmenway's Gazetteer, edited and published by Abbie M. Hemmenway.  I find
this volume in the Aldrich Public Library in Barre.  It would seem from a
final word by Mr. Fisher that she aided and assisted him in the preparation
of this history.  The history of the town of Cabot, as I first knew it, was
published in a paper bound volume of about one hundred pages and sold to
those who desired a copy.  We had one in our home but I do not know what
became of it.  Probably there are some copies still in existence about town.
As I recall, Mr. Fisher dates the completion of his narrative as of July
1881.  Since the town was settled in 1783, it was thus undertaken two years
previous to the one-hundredth anniversary of the town.

"I am probably one of a few of those now living who were present at the
celebration of this event.  There may be published accounts in existence,
but I know of no such and shall proceed to narrate such recollections of it,
as I can recall, and I have quite a vivid memory of the day."

This wonderful article has been submitted by Amanda Sessel Legare, president
of the Cabot Historical Society

The article is accessible from the main gateway page, by clicking on the
gold "Latest additions" button (located in the middle of the page):


Best wishes and good luck with your search . . . and many thanks to Amanda
Sessel Legare!

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