[updates] Taunton, MA Births -- Babbitt to Blake

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sun Aug 31 11:52:29 MDT 2003

The Taunton Births to 1850 for the surnames Babbitt to Blake have just 
been added to my web site.


TTHE GOOD AND BAD of the Taunton Records

BAD:  It appears that the origional records have been distroyed (fire or 
some other disaster) so for most of these you can not obtain a 
certificate.  If anyone on this list has more info about what happened 
please let the list know.

GOOD:  Because the origional records are were not available a lot more 
information was added in besides the data of birth and parents when they 
were reconstructed. Amoung this additional info is the units they were 
in in the service, data of enlistments, Ect. if that applied. That 
showed up more in the births for surnames starting with A.  Because most 
of this onformation came from cemetery stones that also let you know 
what CEMETERY thay are burried in. (Sorry you will have to wait for the 
death records to get that date).

Ray Brown

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